Landing Pages

Landing Pages – a Must for Your Inbound Marketing

Landing Pages – Planning for Success

When you host a party, you include an RSVP so you can plan. Knowing how many guests will attend means you know how much food to prepare, how much wine to buy and how many chairs to set up. Fail to include the RSVP and you have to plan in the dark without the information you need to throw a successful party.

Landing pages for your inbound marketing campaigns work like an RSVP for a party. Each specific landing page lets you know exactly how many customers saw your inbound marketing invitation and replied by clicking through to your website. And just like party RSVPs, the information you get from these landing page “responses” helps you plan for your marketing campaigns.

What is a Landing Page

A landing page is a specific page on your website with a unique URL. The page contains specific content directly related to a social media post, blog, video or other inbound marketing medium.

Some landing pages lead to references or provide information, some prompt customers to complete a reaction and others contain a call to action to capture customer information.

Because landing pages have unique URLs and a direct tie to a singular inbound marketing message, you can track how effective each marketing message is. Without this knowledge, you wouldn’t know exactly what worked and why.

Tips For Effective Use of Landing Pages

Make sure not to use one landing page for multiple inbound marketing campaigns. If two or more campaigns have the same landing page, you won’t be able to tell which campaign is working and which is not.

Knowing what inbound marketing efforts garner the most click through visits to your website helps you determine what works and what doesn’t  This allows you to put more resources toward the successful campaigns and either back off of or retool less successful campaigns.

Did you get several click through visits from a recent blog post? Start updating your blog more often with similar appealing content. Do your Facebook weekly contests lead to more sales? Add a Twitter contest, too.

Landing pages help you analyze the results of your inbound marketing efforts and plan for the future. Think of them as the RSVP to your business party. The information you gain from landing pages help you plan, put your resources into what works and have the party of the century for your successful business.