Build Loyalty

Building loyalty is finding that special spark that separates your business from your competitors. Every business envisions their customers feeling good about using our products or services, promoting them because they’re excited and satisfied, engaging with us and others.

We want our customers to be our biggest evangelists.

How do we get them to this point? It takes more than just a quality product or service.

It requires you to create a brand experience that permeates your business.

When your customers interact with your business, the experience needs to be:

  • Positive – Your customers should feel satisfied with the interaction they’ve had with your business.
  • Consistent – Your customers should receive a consistent, cohesive message regardless of how and where they interact with you.
  • Memorable – Your customers should feel that their interactions with your business are unique and different.

On a daily basis, your customers are interacting with you and other potential customers:

  • They are sharing their experiences (both positive and negative)
  • They are seeking customer support
  • They are looking for tips and advice

This can happen in many different ways, such as:

  • Your website
  • Social media networks such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more
  • Tradeshows and conferences

We Will:

  • Help you understand your brand’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Identify gaps in your brand experience, and create an action plan to close them.
  • Integrate your marketing across your channels
  • Find the right social media channels for your business and effectively promote in them.
  • Identify customers who will evangelize your products and services
  • Build referral and loyalty programs that reward your customers.
  • Capture social media metrics to help determine your ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment)
  • Tap your growing community to create case studies and testimonials
  • Make sure your content is easily sharable on the networks and platforms that matter most.
  • Determine the impact of brand loyalty on customer lifetime value (CLV) – What is the value of your community of customers and how does it extend beyond the sale.

Our Approach:

We think you build loyalty by building a positive, consistent and memorable brand experience that extends across your company. Whether your customer is speaking to the sales department or the customer service department, we think they should receive the same quality experience. The key is consistent messaging and outreach that makes a customer want to be your biggest supporter.

Wash, rinse and repeat!