What's Hot in B2B Marketing

What’s Hot in B2B Marketing?

The world of B2B marketing is continually evolving as companies devise new strategies to connect with clients and new technology empowers efficiency in the marketing process. Marketers must stay abreast of the latest trends in the marketplace to ensure they have the competitive edge moving forward. Let’s take a closer look at what’s hot in the B2B marketing industry.

Personalized Content

Companies such as Dell are now crafting behaviorally-driven automation platforms designed to serve specific content based on the prospect’s reading and watching choices. This is designed to help improve the content experience for the prospect and to further improve content relevance in B2B marketing campaigns.

Emotion-Driven Decisions

Engagement has never been more important in the marketing world. And this is being highlighted by the strong results companies are seeing from using more relevant data in their content to build a rapport with their core audiences. Business buyers are now used to being treated like a person as they receive information through social media and search platforms. And marketing teams must be able to use precise and engaging content with clear stats and figures to reach out to the individual rather than the larger group.

Advocate Marketing

Referrals have long been considered the cornerstone of successful marketing campaigns. They have been proven to deliver qualified leads that remain loyal to brands long into the future. But most B2B brands still allocate more resources to unrelated buyers to try to improve their customer-base. Now, firms are seeing the true value of advocate marketing. The latest advocate marketing programs help businesses build a connection with key influencers using rewards such as special event invitations, award ceremonies, and more. These advocate marketing campaigns are increasing in scope and value the more companies experience success with their implementation.

Marketing Applications

The use of marketing apps is set to rise significantly in 2017 as companies see the tangible value the products bring to their campaigns. Applications can comprise anything that makes content interactive, including interactive white papers, estimate builders and assessment programs. Mobile apps are set to become one of the leading ways to deliver content to the growing mobile customer segment and to make it easy for the customer to engage with the company to access further information or discuss a question.

Live Streaming

Companies are also now experiencing great success through the use of live streaming technology in their marketing campaigns. The technology can be harnessed to establish brands as thought-leaders through highly relevant how-to videos, podcasts on the latest industry news, as well as other content. With the introduction of platforms such as Periscope and Meerkat, it’s becoming easier for brands to implement video streams in their marketing campaigns and make a distinct connection with their audience.


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