Web Content that Truly Matters: Be Inspirational

Reading Time: 4 minutes

In my recent posts about publishing web content that appeals to your target market, a key point I make is that writing company-centric articles about your products and services won’t work. Your key focus should be the needs and desires of your ideal clients. How can your web content inspire them to trust you, like […]


3 Ways to Connect to Your Customers’ Buying Journey

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Do you know where your online readers are in your typical customers’ buying journey? Inbound or content marketing on a business blog or website works to attract potential customers but it depends on how well you connect to customers at the right time with the right words that inspire action. Just as it’s important to […]


Buyer Personas – How to Develop for Better Marketing

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Understanding who your customers are and what motivates them to buy means better marketing and more sales. It may seem silly, but actually outlining a sketch of who your ideal customer is can be beneficial in this situation. To learn more of what a buyer persona is check out this Wikipedia definition. Here are some suggestions for […]

Sam Calagione

Strategic Story: Off-centered Stuff for Off-centered People

Reading Time: 3 minutes

In reflecting about our Dogfish Head Brewery tour, I was impressed with everything about the company, down to the creative use of fonts on the utility cupboards. To me, it embodies the essence of small business strategy, marketing, branding, and customer experiences. They live their strategic story. It’s not just the beer they produce. It’s […]


Strategy vs. Tactic: Important Differences

Reading Time: 3 minutes

I think everything we do in business needs to have a strategy behind it. I notice sometimes people struggle with the difference between strategy and tactic. “Our strategy is to build up an email list through social media and webinars, then drive people to our webpages for web sales.” Those are all tactics, not strategies. […]