Marketing and Sales Teams at Odds? Bring Them Together by Following These 5 Steps

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Peanut butter and jelly. Shoes and socks. Rum and Coke. Marketing and…sales? While it seems like marketing and sales would naturally go together like everything else in the list above, the fact is: they often work at odds from each other. This is a struggle I’ve seen in million dollar companies up to billion dollar companies. Marketing […]


16 Bad Sales Habits Customers Want You to Stop

Reading Time: 3 minutes

What would your customers tell you about your sales people’s worst habits? Here are 16 bad sales habits that creep into conversations with customers. I came across this in an interesting book this week – a revised version of Marshall Goldsmith‘s best-selling leadership book specifically addressing the changing issues of sales: What Got You Here […]

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Internal Content Marketing to Keep Employees Engaged

Reading Time: 4 minutes

As a business leader, the principles of content marketing also apply to keeping your employees engaged. In your web content, you appeal to your ideal customers by being informative, helpful, and interested in their challenges. Those are the same keys to help your staff maintain enthusiasm and high performance. A few days ago I wrote […]


Do You Work for a Good Boss or a Bad One?

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Would you say you work for a good boss, or a bad one?Ask people about their bosses, and you’ll hear about the two types they’ve worked for: the ones they’ve loved and the ones they couldn’t wait to escape. When asked for a list of defining qualities, most people identify the following attributes, according to […]


Bad Leadership and the Baboon in the Corner Office

Reading Time: 4 minutes

What can we learn from bad leadership and CEO failures? Most newly appointed leaders start out looking pretty good. Yet behind every failed business is an example of bad leadership. The human animal resembles baboons who live and work in small groups where they seek out an alpha male to provide  safety and security. As […]


CEO Mistakes: What Big Corporations Can Teach Us About Communications

Reading Time: 4 minutes

The business press loves to attack big corporations and point out CEO mistakes which cause earnings to slip. I’m cautious about negative hype because journalists know bad news sells better than good news. Yet it’s crucial to pay attention to the CEO mistakes journalists love to point out. When Microsoft, Google, and other huge corporations […]