New Email Guidelines in 2024

Navigating New Email Guidelines in 2024

Email deliverability remains critical for marketers looking to establish and maintain credibility. The battleground against unsolicited emails, commonly known as SPAM, has prompted major email service providers like Google and Yahoo to implement new email guidelines and stricter measures, making previously recommended best practices mandatory for senders.

Commencing in February 2024, Google and Yahoo are set to enforce stringent policies regarding email authentication, consent, and engagement. Failing to adhere to these requirements could result in emails being delayed, blocked, or relegated to the dreaded spam folder. However abrupt this may seem, these changes align with longstanding best practices for email deliverability.

Understanding and adhering to the following guidelines to meet the new standards is crucial for digital marketers and the success of their email campaigns. 

1. Email Authentication: Securing Legitimacy

Email authentication is a pivotal methodology empowering senders to legitimize their emails. Google and Yahoo will now mandate three primary authentication techniques: SPF (Sender Policy Framework), DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail), and DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance). Unauthenticated emails may face rejection or be marked as spam, underlining the importance of compliance.

Merely configuring your Email Sending Domain is not sufficient. Ensuring that ‘from addresses’ actively use your connected domain and are authenticated with DKIM or SPF is critical. HubSpot users can follow these steps to meet authentication requirements:

  • Set up DKIM by connecting an email sending domain
  • Add HubSpot to your SPF record
  • Use a DMARC policy with HubSpot

If you use an alternative email-sending product, consult your Network Administrator or IT team for assistance, as these settings are not managed within your HubSpot account.

2. Enable Easy Unsubscription: Enhancing User Experience

In response to the new email regulations, senders are now obligated to make unsubscribing from emails as effortless as possible, ensuring a smooth experience for subscribers looking to opt-out. While you may witness a temporary spike in unsubscribe rates, this change prioritizes user preferences. Review your CRM and email-sending application settings for connected accounts, as many platforms do not automatically include unsubscribe links. 

3. Ensure You’re Sending Wanted Email: Prioritizing Consent

Respecting user consent is paramount in the battle against spam. Sending emails without explicit consent can result in performance issues, such as delays, spam folders, or bounces. Maintaining spam complaint levels at 0.1% or less is advised to ensure successful email delivery to contacts’ mailboxes.

Yahoo spam complaints are tracked within the HubSpot app under Spam Reports, whereas Gmail utilizes a unique feedback loop program. Senders should enroll in Google Postmaster Tools (GPT) to monitor Gmail spam complaints externally and gain insights into their sending performance.

While the 2024 Yahoo and Gmail requirements may appear daunting, the Ariad team is committed to supporting teams in navigating the email wilderness. Utilize the provided resources, stay informed with official guidelines from Google, and remember that, in email marketing, we’re all in this together! If you’d like help creating an email campaign that follows these guidelines and converts, let us know! 

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