improve inbound marketing with video

Improve Inbound Marketing with Video

Improve Inbound Marketing with Video

One aspect of the Internet that continues to amaze us is how fast things change online. The emergence of videos as a vital inbound marketing tool is one of those changes that has come along in recent years to wow us. Just a few years ago, putting regular videos up online seemed like a pipe dream, something only large companies with big budgets and attractive CEOs did.

Well, no longer, my friends. Video is here and it’s here to stay. In fact, video accounts for a large percentage of all Internet traffic and many analysts predict it will account for nearly all Internet traffic — particularly mobile traffic — in the next few years.

So, can video help your inbound marketing? We don’t see how it couldn’t. Here are a few ways to get your video efforts off the ground and improve your inbound marketing efforts.

You don’t have to be the star. 

If you have put off making videos because you don’t want to appear on camera, don’t worry. Most of your customers don’t really want to see you on camera either. Online videos should share short, useful bits of information and you have many options to deliver this content. Try using visuals, animated infographics or even whiteboard stop motion (yes, that’s a thing) for your videos.

Low budget works as effectively as high budget.

Your inbound marketing videos do not require a big, Hollywood budget, special effects and the latest in graphics. For proof, just check out the latest viral videos on YouTube, which were probably shot using a smart phone. Post great content in your video and the production value won’t matter as much. Some content still calls for a high production value, but your everyday videos don’t need it.

Everything you do is worthy of a video.

You may have held off from doing videos to date because you figured nothing you do or offer is worth a video. And this is a good place to remind you just how many people watch videos. Forbes Insights reports that more than 75 percent of C-Suite executives watch videos weekly with 65 percent visiting a website based solely on a video.

Mine your existing presentations, your daily operations, client success stories and even PowerPoint slides for content and you will have several inbound marketing videos in the production queue.

Video content will only grow in the years to come, particularly as technology for tablets and smart phones advances. Don’t get left behind the video revolution. Get started making videos today.