Company Blog - It is Time To Get Started

Why You Should Have a Company Blog

Company Blog – Time to Get Started

Today’s consumers go to the web before they go anywhere else to learn about businesses and business opportunities. You know this, and so you developed a dynamic, engaging website to greet these clients when they arrive. However, a lot of businesses have yet to start a company blog and this can hurt their inbound marketing efforts.

You can get more from your website, though, by adding a company blog. Blogs, particularly corporate blogs, play a critical role in your online presence and will strengthen and augment all your other inbound marketing efforts.

A company blog can just as easily fail, though, if done the wrong way. To get the most from your company blog, follow a few key guidelines:

1. Keep it simple.

Why does so much in the marketing world boil down to this one principle? Easy. It works. Clear, concise, simple message convey more to your client than any complicated, overworked gimmick. Blog posts should stay on message, provide readers relevant content they can use right away, and be clear on what the blog can offer the customer.

2. Connect your blog to all other company efforts.

All your company activities weave together and your blog adds another thread to your business tapestry. Use your company blog to promote offline events like a product launch or tradeshow exhibits. Connect your company blog back to content on your website, and use any offline event to sign up blog and newsletter subscribers.

3. Create unique blog posts that set you apart from the competition.

You can best set your company blog content apart with posts demonstrating thought leadership in your field. Comment on recent trends. Repost the latest articles in your area with your analysis of the news. Creatively find new ways to talk about old themes, such as the holidays, a theme on everyone’s minds right now.

4. Take your blog posts to the social media realm.

This ties into connecting your blog to your other efforts and expands the reach of your blog when you direct your social media followers to your latest posts. Tying your blog to your social media can also help build client relationships and customer outreach. Turn on the commenting features of your blog to encourage a dynamic exchange of information and always remember to allow others to share your blog posts through their social media networks.

If you haven’t started a company blog yet, make creating one your Christmas gift to your business. It might just be the perfect way to reenergize your online presence in the New Year.

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