Email List - Like the Classic Black Dress

5 Ways to Grow Your Email List with Social Media

Email List – Grow It Organically with Social Media

Some things simply never go out of style, like the little black dress, for instance. It’s versatile, looks great dressed up or down, and works for any occasion. In marketing, the email list is the little black dress that never goes out of style. You can tweak emails to suit any purpose and know you’ll never go wrong relying on this tried and true marketing strategy especially with more than two-thirds of all working adults in America using email daily for their jobs.

At the same time email has held strong, social media has made its move in much the same way skinny jeans became a lasting trend in fashion. It looked like a fad at first, but they’re around to stay and your wardrobe — or your marketing plan — will never be the same.

The old standby, email lists, and the newcomer, social media, can work together to make both stronger just as the addition of new items in your wardrobe can make you feel more fashion forward. Here’s five ways to grow your email list using social media methods.

1. Make Signing Up Easy

Signing up for your email list should require very little effort for anyone even remotely interested in signing up. One way to make it easier is to change the link on your Twitter bio page from your main website to an opt-in landing page instead. By clicking on the link to your site, the user has already showed an interest in you and directing them to a call to action at that moment could result in a new email subscriber to your email list. Your Facebook page should also include a short, easy sign up option for your email list.

2. Promote Email in Social Media

Talk up your newsletter and what subscribers could find in it just before your newsletter goes out each week including a link to sign up. Conversely, put out the message a few days after the email goes out asking if people missed it and highlighting what they may have missed.

3. Get Subscribers to Share Your Sign Up Pages

One email subscriber has the power to lead to even more email subscribers if the first person shares your sign up page on Facebook or Twitter. On your newsletter or email sign up page, include something others would find worth sharing or tweeting such as a quote, image or fact. Then, add simple Click to Tweet buttons or Share buttons to encourage subscribers to spread the word, this is a great way to grow your email list.

4. Embed Social Media Into the Emails

You should already include social share buttons in your emails but you can take it a step further with a direct call to share and embedded sharing links that allow your email subscribers to instantly share your sign up page. A simple sentence such as, “Did you find this information useful? Tell others about this innovative approach. Click here to spread the word.” The link they share goes directly to your sign up page.

5. Offer Bonus Content for Tweets and Shares

Continue to encourage your email subscribers to share your newsletter sign up page by offering content bonuses when they share links to your sign up page. For example, at the end of a newsletter include text such as, “Want to learn even more on this topic? Get a free eBook that has helped thousands of our customers by tweeting/sharing a link to this page.” You provide additional, useful content to the subscriber and generate organic, direct links to your sign up page.

Start combining your email and social media marketing strategies and see your email list grow.