Optimizing Your Site for Conversion

Your business website is up and running, but are you optimizing your site for conversion of these visitors into leads? Follow these steps to make immediate improvements. Craft Content for Conversion Having a clear picture of your company’s strengths and the value your service or product gives clients is essential for creating website content geared […]

Mapping it Out: Improving Your Lead Generation Strategy

Improving your lead generation strategy requires a multi-faceted approach to your company’s inbound marketing efforts. If you built it well, you will soon see qualified lead numbers rise. Know Your Target Markets In 2015, businesses are allocating hundreds of billions of dollars to market online with the goals of increasing website traffic and generating new leads, […]

6 Ways to Use Technology for Lead Generation

These six ways to use technology for lead generation all work to get the most out of your website and personnel. Incorporating all these elements into your larger strategy can create a self-sustaining model that builds your client base for years. Landing Page Contact Forms Adding a contact form to your website landing pages, including […]

What to Measure for Inbound Marketing Success

In today’s data-driven world, there is a wealth of data available to you. Knowing which metrics matter, and which you can safely ignore, isn’t always easy. What figures paint an accurate picture of the buying process? Which numbers have a direct impact on the success of your inbound marketing strategy? Knowing what to measure for […]

What is Agile Marketing and How to Use it to Improve Your Marketing Performance

It’s hard to sift through all the buzzwords and jargon floating around the marketing industry. What should you listen to? What will have an impact on your business? What’s worth ignoring? It’s not easy to know what trends and terminology are worthy of your attention. But if you had to listen to just one, agile […]

5 Books to Read Now to Help You Grow Your Business in 2015

In today’s fast-paced world of reports, blog posts, and social updates, it’s easy to forget the importance of digging into a subject with a book. Reading a book opens up new ideas. It gives you fresh insight and alternate viewpoints. After finishing a well-written, well-thought out book, you’re left feeling empowered. Taking action after you’ve […]

How to Growth Hack Your Software Company

As a software developer you are an expert in creating powerful systems and processes for your customers, but what about for your business? Introducing Growth Hacking Growth hacking is a concept coined by Sean Ellis, a one-man self-proclaimed growth hacker, who helped software companies expand their user base. Often times these strategies are unconventional – […]

5 Tips to Take Your CRM Beyond the Basics

You hired a team of professionals but no matter how skilled these people are, without the proper tools, their jobs become exponentially more difficult. The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool you use in your business sets the tone in your company. It shows how your team will work with customers, and it shows customers what […]

Free Trial vs. Freemium: Which Works in SaaS?

For years it was standard practice: handing out free trials like they were candy and it was Halloween. Now, more SaaS producers are shifting gears and taking a step back from the Free Trial and Freemium models. Are they really working? The Problem With Free Trials Free trials are so common these days that consumers […]

8 Ways B2B Companies Can Reach Customers Through Social Media

You post regularly but you haven’t quite managed to reach new customers using social media. No one’s clicking, no one’s commenting, and you’re watching your engagement numbers dwindle. It’s a frustrating time for B2B companies. With a few tweaks you can turn that frustration around. Here are eight ways to improve your social media marketing, reach […]