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8 Ways B2B Companies Can Reach Customers Through Social Media

You post regularly but you haven’t quite managed to reach new customers using social media. No one’s clicking, no one’s commenting, and you’re watching your engagement numbers dwindle. It’s a frustrating time for B2B companies. With a few tweaks you can turn that frustration around.

Here are eight ways to improve your social media marketing, reach more people and land more sales on these powerful networks.

  1. Tap Into Emotions

You might be writing your posts for professionals, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a human reading what you write. Tap into their workplace emotions. Tug at their heartstrings with tips for how to benefit their business. The person reading your post will feel as if you’re reading his mind and immediately warm up to your message.

  1. Leave the Features Out of It

People don’t care about features as much as they care about how your business will improve their lives. Leave the features behind and focus on the benefits of working with your business.

  1. Post Regularly

Posting often keeps your company top of mind. For busy professionals, that’s vital.

As a rule, you should update your status on Twitter three times a day, Facebook at least once a day, and LinkedIn once a day. When you do, write something insightful (see tips #1 and #2 for more about that). Over time you’ll position yourself and your business as the go-to resource.

  1. Sponsor Posts

No matter which social network you use, there’s an option to sponsor or “boost” a post. This will allow you to get in front of new audiences who might not see your content otherwise. You can set the perimeters and target the content appropriately to the audience you’re trying to attract.

  1. Inspire Action

It’s hard to reach another professional through a social media post and instantly turn that person into a sale. You need to inspire the person to act. Create a sense of urgency with your posts to bring the customer to the next level.

B2B sales cycles are usually longer than those in the B2C realm, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t inspire someone to do something immediately. Offer a free report or encourage a sign up for a limited time discount. Inspire the person on the other side of the screen to act.

  1. Post Real Time Information

Is something exciting happening in your industry? Your followers want to know about it! More importantly, they want to share it with their network.

Posting real time updates when something big happens will get your brand’s name shared and in front of other professional contacts. This is an easy and fast way to cast a wider net with your social media marketing.

  1. Comment on Other Posts

Participate with other industry players and partners in your business by commenting on other posts. Engage on Facebook by commenting as your business on another company’s page. Reply on Twitter to a large corporation to start a dialogue. The goal is to jump into other conversations already happening online.

  1. Get Out of Your Newsfeed

Another way to join conversations is to get out of your newsfeed and into groups. LinkedIn groups offer tremendous opportunity to discuss meaningful topics and build trust among prospects. Join these groups, actively participate, and earn a strong level of trust on social media.


B2B social media marketing is all about conversation. Spark conversation on your pages and profiles, and then join into other conversations taking place across the various platforms. Over time, you’ll build relationships and boost credibility, bringing more money to your business.

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