Online Content and Social Media: 4 Ways to Win New Business

Online marketing using good content and social media is by far the most cost-effective way to get new business, when done effectively. You may already be using some content marketing strategies. But sometimes it’s tricky to do this well and get results. You can waste a lot of time doing the right things the wrong […]

Engage Your Employees

Business Purpose: Things to Do to Engage Your Employees

I’ve been thinking a lot about how people can tap into the “power of purpose.” When I discuss business purpose and mission with company leaders, most get excited, especially business founders and owners. That’s not always what happens throughout the organization, however. How can you get front-line workers engaged and enthusiastic about their work for […]

Google Privacy Policy Changes

Google Privacy Policy Changes: Has Google Gone Too Far?

Do no evil, Google says. But it also has put everyone on notice that as of March 1, it is changing its Privacy Policy… the one the European Union nixed. Here’s what CNN journalist Frida Ghitis writes in an article “Google knows too much about you“: “I won’t accuse Google of deliberately doing evil. It […]


Leadership Style: Should Founders Be CEOs?

In a popular post about Why We Prefer Founding CEOs, venture funding expert Ben Horowitz at Andreessen Horowitz defend their preference for start up companies run by the founder: “The macro reason: that’s the way most of the great technology companies have been built. At Andreessen Horowitz, our primary goal is to invest in the […]

Red King_Positioning

Business Purpose: What Do You Stand For?

Leaders who have a clearly articulated purpose for their business and who are driven to make a difference can inspire people to overcome insurmountable odds, according to author Roy M. Spence, Jr. in It’s Not What You Sell, It’s What You Stand For. “Life is short, so live it out doing something that you care […]

Google Plus

Google+ & Social Media: 3 Lessons on How NOT To Launch a Product

Since 2009, Google’s belied its CEO’s contention that Microsoft (with its Bing search engine) is its biggest competitor. If Google Wave, Google Buzz, and now Google+ are any indication, they are far more concerned with getting ahead of Facebook than anyone else. Wave was introduced at the Google I/O conference in May 2009, but it […]


Purpose: Connecting Tasks, Goals, and Strategy to “Why”

In my last post I mentioned performance reviews and how important it is when setting individual goals to “look up” to departmental and corporate strategy. All employee tasks contribute to the overall business strategy but unless you’re making that clear to each member of the team, they may not realize it. Don’t miss an opportunity […]

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Look Up: How Corporate Strategy Informs Department & Individual Goals

It’s annual review time for one of my clients. This got me thinking about the top-down impact of corporate strategy. It impacts everything yet you’d be surprised how many managers are not thinking about their employees’ goals in light of the corporate strategy. They don’t connect the dots from employee and individual contributor goals to departmental […]

Social Media

Social Media Overwhelm: 4 Things to Ignore

Have you noticed how fast things are changing? It’s easy to get overwhelmed when it comes to marketing strategies, social media updates, and staying up with what customers want. And now mobile devices require changes in the way your messages are delivered. I think many professionals welcome the shift in marketing strategies away from advertising […]

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Business Strategy and the Seductive Pleasures of Procrastination

Given the results of procrastination – hurried work, mistakes, stress, missed deadlines and failed business strategies – it’s a wonder why anyone would put off what can be done right away. And yet who doesn’t let projects slide – especially the ones we don’t like doing? In the work I do as a business strategy […]