3 Email Nurturing Campaigns Guaranteed to Grow Your Business

Through all the technological changes we’ve seen in online communication, email has stood the test of time, and has proven to be a sustainable method of converting and nurturing connections, made both on- and offline. The appeal of a service that allows users to communicate with individuals worldwide, and in large quantities — while still […]

Is Your B2B Sales Process a Competitive Differentiator?

With  5.72 million B2B businesses in America, it goes without saying that running a B2B company is challenging in such a highly competitive environment. And yet, not that many firms are doing a great job at the sales process: recent research shows that only 52% of B2B buyers were satisfied with their last buying experience. […]

104 Facts You Don’t Know About Mobile Marketing

We were writing about the rise of mobile (“Mobilegeddon”) a couple of years ago. Yet, even with the meteoric growth in mobile marketing, it still represents one of the newest and most important forms of digital marketing present on the market. For those who do not know, it provides customers with personalized information, promoting services, […]

Content Marketing: 55 Proven Ways to Help your Business

How can you know for sure you’re getting the best out of your website or Facebook page? No matter what tools you’re using, the statistics say the same: content marketing is the most powerful booster for your business. 85% of the marketers worldwide use it to get more traffic and sales. And it’s not that […]

Sales & Marketing Planning: Generating Leads to Meet Revenue Goals

You did your sales and marketing planning for the year and now you’re generating leads to meet revenue goals, right? Or, are you still wondering how to figure out how many sales you need or leads you need in order to achieve your revenue objectives?, Are you generating sufficient leads to enable you to drive […]

How to Create a Successful Landing Page

Over the last two weeks, we’ve discussed the elements of a successful landing page and how to define your landing page goals. This week, we dive into the creation process of your landing page. You’re ready to create your next campaign, but where do you start? How do you capture your reader’s attention so you’re […]

How to Define Your Landing Page Goals and Metrics

In last week’s post, we gave you the five steps to having a successful landing page. This week, we’ll discuss the first step, how to define your landing pages goals and metrics. Before you can create any new campaign, you need to know why you’re starting it. Having a clear set of goals is the […]

5 Step Landing Page Process: An Overview

It’s one of the hardest, most confusing parts of lead generation: Creating stellar landing pages and then testing and optimizing them. How do you know what’s working? How do you know what’s bringing you new leads? How can you optimize your landing pages to convert more visitors into high-quality contacts? At Ariad Partners, we hear […]

Optimizing Your Site for Conversion

Your business website is up and running, but are you optimizing your site for conversion of these visitors into leads? Follow these steps to make immediate improvements. Craft Content for Conversion Having a clear picture of your company’s strengths and the value your service or product gives clients is essential for creating website content geared […]

Mapping it Out: Improving Your Lead Generation Strategy

Improving your lead generation strategy requires a multi-faceted approach to your company’s inbound marketing efforts. If you built it well, you will soon see qualified lead numbers rise. Know Your Target Markets In 2015, businesses are allocating hundreds of billions of dollars to market online with the goals of increasing website traffic and generating new leads, […]