3 Email Nurturing Campaigns Guaranteed to Grow Your Business

Through all the technological changes we’ve seen in online communication, email has stood the test of time, and has proven to be a sustainable method of converting and nurturing connections, made both on- and offline. The appeal of a service that allows users to communicate with individuals worldwide, and in large quantities — while still offering customized, personalized content — hasn’t died down.

One of the most important types of outreach for your sales team are email nurturing campaigns, which, simply put, cultivate and grow potential, existing, or old leads to create new opportunities and boost conversions.

Email nurturing isn’t necessarily (or only) about selling any specific item or service. Instead, email campaigns allow you to demonstrate to clients exactly what you do, share your expertise, and showcase the tremendous value you offer while moving them through the sales funnel.

Whether your business is in the start-up stage or has been profitable and sustainable for years, you can target specific lead groups and build profitable email campaigns that cater to their needs and expectations.

Here are three highly effective types of nurturing email campaigns.

Follow Up on New Leads

Attracting new leads may be the easiest part of the sales funnel — whether it’s by offering a free whitepaper to email subscribers or an enticing demo to interested parties. But what you do with them next matters. Sending the right email can make the difference between leads becoming more invested in your company or simply dying on the vine.

Craft email content that will wow new leads, right out of the gate. Begin with a strong call to action (CTA), and have readers engage with your content from the get-go. Content should be specific, and recipients should be aware as to why they are receiving emails from you, and how they can benefit from them.

The most important part of email campaigns designed to keep leads intrigued with your services is that all content is of the highest quality, and is useful to readers. Match the content to where they are in the buyers’ journey (likely, they’re in the first stage, so keep the content research-based).

Follow Up with Existing Customers

The main goal of a successful follow-up email campaign for existing customers is to keep these customers completely satisfied and ready for more from your brand.

Ongoing customer support is crucial to keep existing customers interested in your brand. Ensure that any customer follow up emails you deliver are filled with high-quality content, and contain information on how exactly an individual can get the most from the product or service they purchased.

Provide updates as they come available, making your customer feel like they’re a part of your company’s success and community – which they are. Accessing information should be incredibly clear and easy for your customers. This will build brand loyalty, and allow  you to potentially upsell and cross-sell your services and maximize customer satisfaction.

And don’t forget upselling and cross-selling. Your existing customers are more likely to purchase from you again, so don’t forget to let them know about that new product or service you just launched.

Re-engage with Old or Dead Leads

Losing a few leads along the way is part of the sales process. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to revive them.

Start with an intriguing subject line. Grab attention with personalized subject lines, using key phrases such as “we miss you” or “come back.”

Getting an email opened by old or dead leads is just the first part of the re-engagement process. In these email campaigns, the content must be concise, clear, and provide potential customers with an incentive. People are incentive-driven creatures, and offering a deal that they can’t pass up is one way to create a positive business relationship once again. Use images to advertise the deal, and use data — exact dollar figures, rather than percentages — to provide readers with clear-cut benefits.

Don’t discount the importance of nurturing potential, existing, and old leads through email. A little effort (as well as targeting) can go a long way to building brand loyalty and boosting sales.

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