Can Your Business Growth Rapidly Accelerate?

What if there were some sort of Miracle-Gro to accelerate your business growth?

Recently I came across some statistics, and I was really surprised. It was about athletes. When an athlete starts marking down his or her achievements regularly, his success gets at least 20% greater! No extra trainings, no new equipment… nothing else changes at all. They just keep track of their results.

Think of this: just by KNOWING HOW WELL YOU PERFORM, you do even better! It’s a mind game…

That’s not all. It applies to weight loss as well. When dieters kept track of what they ate each day, they lost weight faster than a control group who didn’t keep track. In fact, they lost 30% more weight… without following a specific diet! They didn’t do much more than keep a food diary.

Now if this is true for athletes and dieters, it could be true for other things as well…

Take your business, for example. Let’s just suppose that these things can be said about your business:

  • Your marketing isn’t generating as many leads as you want.
  • Your salespeople aren’t closing sales fast enough.
  • The business side of the house no longer talks to the technical side of the house.
  • And you, the business leader, keep finding yourself mired in the day-to-day drama of management.

Chances are, your organization is lacking a common course that makes it difficult to pinpoint exactly what is wrong.

Breakthrough success comes when all the elements of your business are aligned.

  • You’re aligned with your employees.
  • Your employees are aligned with your business.
  • And your business is aligned with your market.

Without a singular focus, your business drifts. Even more crucial is knowing where you are today, so that you can track and see what your progress (or lack of it) looks like. Your business is always either contracting or expanding. Do you know what yours is doing?

So many of the executives and entrepreneurs I work with don’t have a map. They don’t know where to go because they don’t know where they are! Others have a map and a plan, but it isn’t aligned.

I’m going to ask you to take a step to find out if you and your business are in a position to rapidly accelerate results. It won’t cost you anything but a few minutes of your time. If you’re curious to see if you’re positioned to make good use of a little Miracle-Gro, visit this page here. Leave us your contact information so we can communicate. You might discover something you didn’t know and figure out a way to do something about it.