How to Uncover Untapped Keywords Using Reddit

Reading Time: 9 minutes

The results of your early SEO efforts live and die on the competitiveness of the keywords you choose to target. Even if you’re willing to invest a ton of money, effort, and time on amazing content and link building, you still won’t come close to ranking for many high competition terms (think “auto insurance”, “buy […]

How to Growth Hack Your Software Company

Reading Time: 5 minutes

As a software developer you are an expert in creating powerful systems and processes for your customers, but what about for your business? Introducing Growth Hacking Growth hacking is a concept coined by Sean Ellis, a one-man self-proclaimed growth hacker, who helped software companies expand their user base. Often times these strategies are unconventional – […]

Social Media Strategy for Technology Companies

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Social media strategy differs for every type of business. Technology companies require a different approach from, say, your typical shoe store. Here are some recommendations for social media strategy for technology companies to help you optimize your social media strategy for best results. First, Why You Need a Strategy Strategy, you say, why bother with […]

5 Marketing Tasks Your Sales Team Needs to Know How to Do

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Sales and marketing teams are notorious for working independently toward a common goal. To align your sales team with your marketing strategies, here are five tasks they need to know. Market Research. A little bit of market research goes a long way in the sales world. Your top salesman will have a significantly harder time […]

How to Write a Killer Guest Blog Post

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Guest blogging is one of the best and easiest ways to spread the word about your business. When done right, it’s highly effective. When done wrong, you risk losing your opportunity with the readers. Here are a few tips to help you write a killer guest blog post. Get to Know the Audience Before you […]

The 8 Best SEO Tools for Any Business

Reading Time: 5 minutes

If you thought 2014 was big for SEO, just wait until 2015, which looks to bring content marketing and SEO into the limelight even more. But even if Google updates its search algorithms monthly, you can ensure that your content is always at the top of results with the best SEO tools out there. SEO […]