5 Marketing Tasks Your Sales Team Needs to Know How to Do

Sales and marketing teams are notorious for working independently toward a common goal. To align your sales team with your marketing strategies, here are five tasks they need to know.

  1. Market Research.

A little bit of market research goes a long way in the sales world. Your top salesman will have a significantly harder time selling if he doesn’t know what the competition has to offer or what makes your company stand apart in the market.  By having a solid understanding of what’s happening in the market, your sales team can hone their message and make a more compelling pitch to potential clients.

  1. Social Media.

Conversations are happening online all the time about you, your company, and your competition. To understand what your customers want, your sales team needs to know what’s being said on social media.

In addition to stalking the comments and posts, your sales team also needs to know how to take a proactive approach in responding to requests and concerns. Teach your sales team the importance of sharing your company’s overarching marketing message on various platforms.

  1. Network Online.

Speaking of social media, online networking is equally as important. Your sales team already attends a myriad of networking events offline, but what’s happening online to bring in more sales?

Encourage your sales team to bring in more qualified leads by getting involved in conversations happening on social networks and blogs. A few simple ways your sales team can network online include:

  • Commenting on blog posts with something insightful.
  • Sharing your content in LinkedIn groups.
  • Posting in Facebook groups or private forums.

Don’t confine your sales team’s online networking to potential customers. Help your team spread the word about your business by encouraging them to participate in a variety of industry related groups.

  1. Blog.

Your sales team is front and center with your customers on a daily basis. These are the people who hear first-hand concerns and know what triggers a customer to buy. Getting your team involved in your blogging efforts is an easy way to answer customer concerns publicly. This way, you get your message across before your competition can steal your potential customers away from you.

  1. Email.

To be let into someone’s inbox is an honor that should not be taken for granted. If your sales team is approaching email in the wrong way, it could damage your brand instead of help it. Teach your sales team the best way to use email to nurture leads and drive business. This will help them succeed and uphold your company’s reputation.

What other marketing tasks do you encourage your sales team to participate in? Add it to the list in the comments below!

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