Customer Service Matters: Tips From The Best Customer Service Companies Today (Infographic)

Customer Service Matters: Tips From The Best Customer Service Companies Today (Infographic)

Have you ever called a bank, insurance company or phone company, and spent needless time looping through automated phone systems, never talking to an actual person? Or, wasting time talking to someone who can’t actually fix your problem and then it takes days to escalate your issue and get a resolution?  Customer service matters.

I know we spend most of our time on this blog talking about marketing and sales, but there are things that have an impact. For example, providing horrible customer service will ultimately show up in your sales. How you make your customers feel, and the experience they have when engaging with your company, should remain a top priority long after the sale.

With one tweet, your brand can be tarnished at record speed.

Good customer experience improves brand loyalty, increasing repeat purchases and creates evangelists for your products. The world spins on social proof and reviews today. Whether it’s G2 Crowd, Capterra, Yelp, HomeAdvisor, reviews matter. Just as people who have a bad experience will give you a negative review, your evangelists, who love their experience with you and your product or service, will give you a positive review.

But, fear alone shouldn’t ensure you provide a good customer service experience. It’s also vital for your bottom line.

Salesforce Infographic and Expert Tips

So how do you make sure that your brand promise is carried through after the sale?

Check out this infographic below from Salesforce and takeaway tips from four of the best customer service companies today.

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4 Genuine Examples of Good Customer Service

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