2 Companies Doing Conversion Rate Optimization Well

2 Companies Doing Conversion Rate Optimization Well

Even if you’re new to content marketing, you’re probably familiar with two companies that are leading the industry in conversion rate optimization (CRO): Unbounce and KISSmetrics. These organizations have mastered the art of using analytics and user behaviors to improve the performance of their site content. Figuring out what visitors are seeking and providing them exactly that is what turns passive window shoppers into valuable conversions.

So what are the keys to Unbounce’s and KISSmetrics’ conversion rate optimization success? Here are a few ideas.

A Clear, Concise Headline: The top companies for CRO know to start with a captivating title that clearly states the topic of the content. It should be bold and larger than the remaining text on the page, but it should be short and get to the point. Your headline needs to convince the reader to stick around on the page – all the way through to the Call to Action.

Fewer Forms to Fill Out: Inputting contact information and personal data is a hassle for site visitors, but they’re usually willing to fill out forms if you’re providing value in exchange. Still, you don’t need to drill down to exacting details with these top of funnel conversions. Simply request enough information so that you can reach out to them, and eliminate all form fields that aren’t necessary to achieving that goal.

Call to Action Buttons: A strong Call to Action is absolutely essential for all of your content, but many marketers make the mistake of including the CTA as a hyperlink within text. Conversion rate optimization best practices include using a button to separate your Call to Action from the rest of the page. Hyperlinks can get lost in the shuffle, but a button that draws the attention of the visitor.

Smart Use of Color: Another way to catch the eye in your Call to Action is to use a different color that stands out from other text on the page. You may instinctively think bright red is best, but make sure the hue you use is complementary to the theme of the page.

Images & Video: Website visitors love pictures and video. You can increase the chances of someone buying your product up to 64% by including imagery on the page instead of text alone. Add multimedia content to maintain the attention of your prospects, but avoid using stock photos. While the quality is excellent, they tend to be impersonal and fake. Make a better impression by including pictures of your team or do a day in the life video at your company.

Call to Action Positioning: The best companies finding conversion rate optimization success will put the CTA above the “fold” on the page – i.e., placing the Call to Action in a spot where the visitor doesn’t need to scroll down to see it.

The Point

These conversion rate optimization best practices are working wonders for the top companies in CRO, including Unbounce and KISSmetrics. The key takeaway is that you must create a site experience that makes visitors want to linger, provide contact information and follow through to your Call to Action. Conversions drive sales – and thus profits – so use these tips on your pages to join the ranks of top companies doing CRO right.