10 Things Your Mama Taught You About Sales and Marketing

10 Things Your Mama Taught You About Sales and Marketing

This month, we’re celebrating the mothers in our lives. It’s an annual tradition where we get to take a step back and look at all that our mom did for us. She cooked our meals. She washed our clothes (even when they were covered in mud.) She dried our tears. And, she taught us how to be our best in sales and marketing.

Don’t believe it?  Here are the ten lessons your mama taught you about sales and marketing.


  1. Be Kind

Your mama always taught you to act within the golden rule – treat others like you want to be treated. In business, you should do the same.

You don’t like it when you get spam, so don’t spam others. When people greet you by name and ask how you’re doing, it makes you feel good, right?  Well, the same holds true in marketing: personalize your communications and make sure to always get customer feedback.

Treating your customer with kindness, respect, and consideration goes a long way toward developing a long-term relationship. Infuse this into every bit of communication you publish for your business and you’ll create a stronger impression on your target market.


  1. Lend a Helping Hand

What you sell makes your customer’s lives a little bit easier or solves a problem. The trick is showing how that’s done through your sales outreach and marketing efforts. By lending a helping hand, you start that first step of easing your customer’s burden, making you more attractive to your prospects, leads, and customers.

Never think in terms of your sales process; think in terms of your buyer’s process. What process do they go through when they buy — what questions do they ask? What information do they gather?  Then, help them through that process: create checklists and FAQs they can use, and help them understand the questions they may not even realize they need to ask. None of this has to even mention your product or service — just help them make the best decision for themselves. Lend a helping hand and start to build trust.


  1. Celebrate Holidays and Birthdays

Holidays and birthdays conjure up warm feelings and memories of cozy traditions. They’re personal. When you reach that same personal level with your clients, you create good will and warm feelings for your brand.


  1. Put Family First

My mom has a plaque in her home that says Treat Your Family Like Friends And Your Friends Like Family.  In business that lesson also rings true. Your prospects and customers are like family. Treat them as such and you’ll go a long ways toward making a positive impression.


  1. Be Humble

No one likes to hear someone else brag without shame — especially not businesses. Avoid the arrogant sales tactics and be humble. You don’t have all the answers. Your customers know their business better then you do (and always will). Don’t ever forget that. Your humility will go a long way with your sales and marketing efforts, making it easier to reach your customers.


  1. Mind Your Manners

Please and thank you go a long way, even in business. Show your appreciation and be respectful of your clients. Your gracious attitude will be met with feelings of respect, the foundation of a good relationship.


  1. Express Yourself

Your mom always said that your opinion matters. In business, expressing your opinion isn’t just smart, it’s encouraged. Stand up for what you believe in. Be an advocate for your customers. In the end, you’ll win more respect for having a voice than if you were to sit back silently trying to appeal to the masses.


  1. Listen

In today’s world, it’s easier than ever to listen to what your customers are saying about your business and industry. Don’t just read what’s being said — listen and absorb it. The more you do, the more you’ll be able to use what’s being buzzed about to enhance your marketing messages.

  1. Don’t Overspend

Marketing should make you money. Just like your mom taught you to manage your personal account, do the same for your business. Don’t toss money at tactics that you aren’t sure will work. Instead, strive to spend your money wisely.


  1. Practice Generosity

In business, it’s okay to stop focusing on revenue streams and profit lines once in awhile. Instead, give something away to your customers. Be helpful. The revenues will follow.

What did your mama teach you about marketing and sales in your business? Are you making her proud by following the lessons she doled out?