What Kind of Entrepreneur Are You?

Have you ever wondered why some tasks come easy for you in business, while you’re stumped at others? Curious why a colleague has no problems with something you struggle with? Worse – have you ever felt like you just been handed square pegs?

News Flash: Not every person who runs a business is the same.

Ok, so that’s obvious. But, if that’s so obvious, why does business advice address all entrepreneurs as if they had the same strengths and personalities?

Especially on the Web, you see the “gurus” telling us:

  • “Do this, and you’ll get these results.”
  • “Here’s the silver bullet I used to make millions. You can too.”

There is some exciting new research from BOSI Research Institute that helps entrepreneurs understand why what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another. When people go into business for themselves, it’s not for the same reasons. Their makeup drives them in fundamentally different ways.

We can think of these distinct drivers as Entrepreneurial DNA.

BOSI stands for the four basic Entrepreneurial DNA profiles.

  1. Builder
  2. Opportunist
  3. Specialist
  4. Innovator

For example, you may be showing the Entrepreneurial DNA of Richard Branson. Or Steve Jobs. Or Donald Trump. But here’s what you need to know:

Each one of these entrepreneurial giants is very different. And, understanding those differences is vital to giving you the direction you need to effectively run your company, lead your team and deploy your most effective strategy.

Because humans are complicated and unique, people have mixtures of types in them, which makes for some interesting combinations.

Here’s a simple assessment anyone can take to discover your entrepreneurial type. I invite you to take the free BOSI Assessment to discover which of the four Entrepreneurial DNAs (Builder, Opportunist, Specialist and Innovator) are present in you.

It takes less than five minutes to complete. You’ll receive your BOSI Profile Report instantly along with insights into your Entpreneurial DNA and best practices to increase the chance of your success given your specific Entrepreneurial DNA type.

Click here to take the BOSI Assessment

BOSI Performance Institute, LLC, a Chicago-based center for entrepreneurship, spent more than three years researching thousands of entrepreneurs which led to the creation of the BOSI behavioral assessment – a tool that identifies your primary Entrepreneurial DNA make up and provides specific insights and recommendations you can use to maximize your effectiveness.

Ariad Partners is a BOSI-Certified Partner. In upcoming posts, we’ll be discussing these Entrepreneurial DNA types in more detail and proving insight on how you can use this information to align your business to your specific DNA type.

So, what kind of entrepreneur are you?