Case Studies: How to improve your SnapChat Marketing

Case Studies: How to Improve Your Snapchat Marketing

What drives your marketing efforts? Do you start every year with a plan that you regularly tweak based on sales and events, or do you respond immediately to whatever happens on a weekly basis?

Whatever the case is true for you and your business, what you need to do is make sure that you’re including a variety of social media platforms in your plan, and you’re using those platforms to reach the audiences they appeal to.

Take Snapchat: Its use continues to grow—billions of daily video views, thousands of Snaps uploaded every second. But what people come to Snapchat to get is quite different than what they get at other sites such as Facebook and Twitter. That’s OK—but it does mean that you need to learn a little bit more about the site in order to make use of its capabilities and its built-in tools. Need help getting started? This infographic offers some ideas on how to improve your Snapchat marketing.