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Bad Leadership and the Baboon in the Corner Office

What can we learn from bad leadership and CEO failures? Most newly appointed leaders start out looking pretty good. Yet behind every failed business is an example of bad leadership. The human animal resembles baboons who live and work in small groups where they seek out an alpha male to provide  safety and security. As […]


Lessons in Leadership from Sally Ride

What lessons in leadership are left to us by Sally Ride, the first female American astronaut to be launched into space? She died July 23, 2012 at 61 of pancreatic cancer. She was president and CEO of Sally Ride Science, a company she co-founded in 2001 to improve science education for kids, which she called […]


Leadership and Joe Paterno: “Success with Dishonor”

What lessons can we learn about leadership and Joe Paterno? I’m a Penn State grad. I was a huge fan of Joe Paterno and had looked at him as someone to emulate. Like so many others who graduated from PSU, the Penn State child sex abuse scandal hit me hard. Jerry Sandusky truly deserves to be […]


Bad Leadership: What Small Businesses Can Learn from Microsoft

Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer seems to be taking the spot of Steve Jobs for bad leadership, but without all the charm and genius-like persona of Steve J. While it’s always easy to take pot shots at the biggies with billions, how are the leadership mistakes of Ballmer relevant to entrepreneurs and small biz leaders? Vanity […]


Leadership Style: Should Founders Be CEOs?

In a popular post about Why We Prefer Founding CEOs, venture funding expert Ben Horowitz at Andreessen Horowitz defend their preference for start up companies run by the founder: “The macro reason: that’s the way most of the great technology companies have been built. At Andreessen Horowitz, our primary goal is to invest in the […]


Ariad Partners Announces New Ownership

Ariad Partners, a leading inbound marketing agency and HubSpot Gold Solutions Partner, is proud to announce that Kristy Hartman has closed on purchasing the agency, effective October 1, 2022. The acquisition marks a significant milestone in the agency’s history and represents a commitment to the agency’s ongoing success and growth. Ms. Hartman has been an integral […]


Tips To Maintain Employee Wellness While Minimizing Turnover

A healthy company culture that promotes employee satisfaction in a remote environment will positively affect company morale and your bottom line. When employees feel supported by a positive work environment that includes transparency, communication, support networks, and work-life balance, productivity increases while turnover rates decrease. Read on for tips to maintain employee wellness by prioritizing […]


How to Improve Marketing ROI

Increasing marketing ROI is the top reported goal for B2B marketers for 2023. While most B2B companies have committed to spending more on marketing activities, simply increasing outlays doesn’t guarantee a better return. Marketers must develop data-backed strategies to maximize value and revenue and adapt to changing conditions. To help you get started, here are five […]


5 Books to Read Now to Help You Grow Your Business in 2015

In today’s fast-paced world of reports, blog posts, and social updates, it’s easy to forget the importance of digging into a subject with a book. Reading a book opens up new ideas. It gives you fresh insight and alternate viewpoints. After finishing a well-written, well-thought out book, you’re left feeling empowered. Taking action after you’ve […]


Business Growth Accelerator Program

Do any of the following statements ring true for you? You’re frustrated because you know you should be doing better? Your team just can’t seem to “make it happen”? Every day seems like an endless stream of issues? If any of these challenges sound familiar, chances are, your people, the strategies they’re using and the systems they’ve […]