SEO Penalty Assessment Services

Have you seen a drop in organic traffic to your website but you aren’t sure why your website was impacted or how to fix it. Ariad Partners’ provides SEO penalty assessment services designed to give a detailed analysis of your site. We identify all the problems preventing your website from appearing in search engines and areas where your website fails to follow search engine best practices.

Our SEO penalty assessment services help clients to learn about the factors impacting their traffic and rankings. A recovery roadmap is created for the identified problems. The SEO penalty audit addresses issues related to Google Panda and Penguin update and provides instructions on how to fix these issues. Once the SEO penalty audit is complete, we walk you through the penalty audit step by step. We also provide penalty recovery and clean-up service.

Fast and Responsive SEO Penalty Recovery Solutions

Has your website experienced sudden fall in search engine results pages? Call on us now for an in-depth and comprehensive SEO penalty recovery service to help recover rankings, and restore site quality for higher rankings in the future. You can depend on us for Google-compliant recovery from Panda and Penguin!

SEO Penalty Assessment Services

Why should You Hire Ariad Partners’ for Google penalty removal?

To get the best results, and not be hit later by a penalty for a black hat tactic you didn’t even know about, you need to trust you have a knowledgeable, honest search expert.

  • Our SEO experts have years of experience in SEO penalty removal of small and large websites
  • Unlike other companies who use machine analysis, we review each link quality manually so that you don’t lose the good links
  • We will work to ensure you get 100% recovery from Google penalty as quickly as possible

Benefits of SEO Penalty Assessment and Recovery Services

Ariad Partners’ SEO Penalty Assessment and Recovery Services help you to:

  • Gain insight into factors which impacted your search traffic
  • Receive a Google penalty recovery roadmap
  • Clean-up and recover from SEO penalty
  • Regain search traffic and rankings

Who Benefits from Ariad Partners’ SEO Penalty Assessment Services

Google Penalty Assessment by Ariad Partners benefits you, if you have:

  • Spam links from bad website’s
  • Thin content and hidden text (cloaking) on your website
  • Site wide links from external website’s
  • Same anchor text on the websites that link back to you
  • Competitors spamming you with links from bad websites
  • Duplicate content on the website
  • Content copied from other websites without attribution

Ariad Partners helps our Clients with SEO Penalty Recovery

Here is an example of SEO penalty recovery

Improved search engine traffic for client by 253% and search impressions by 1150%.  This client is a leading translation company for both B2B and B2C markets based in Chicago, Illinois.  The client took a significant traffic hit due to spam links built by competitors. With a dedicated team of inbound marketing experts including, an SEO expert, technology manager, and content writer, we assisted this client with:

Improving search engine traffic for BURG Translations

  • Preventing negative SEO
  • Inbound marketing strategy
  • Inbound  marketing execution
  • Lead generation
  • Keyword research
  • Competitive research
  • Opportunity analysis
  • Website architecture development
  • Website design and technology development
  • Content strategy
  • Content creation
  • On page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Local SEO

What’s included in SEO Penalty Assessment and Recovery Services

We assess your website’s technical, content, and external link related issues. We then work on the recommendations to fix these issues and even implement the recovery procedures. Below is our SEO penalty assessment and recovery process.

Step 1. Link Analysis (Penguin Update)

We create a comprehensive list of backlinks from tools that include Google Webmaster Tools, Ahrefs, and Moz. We manually review each link for spam. During this review we ensure that we the good links are preserved. We evaluate the links based on

  • Domain authority
  • Page authority
  • Site wide links
  • Anchor text

The outcome of this process is a list of bad links and websites that impact your website negatively. The SEO penalty audit document has link pruning recommendations and instructions to submit your website to Google for reconsideration.

Step 2. On Site Penalty Analysis (Panda Update)

Website’s with a drop in traffic often have on site violations such as thin content pages, cloaking (hidden content), bad quality content, duplicate content, copied content etc. We create a list of sections of your websites and evaluate these for traffic drop. Often some sections are heavily impacted while others have no impact. The sections which are impacted are further evaluated for traffic drop.

The outcome of this research lists out areas of your website impacted by the update and step-by-step instructions to recover from the penalty.

Step 3. Bad Link Pruning & Disavow

Bad links which point at your website need to be either modified, or pruned, or disavowed to lift the SEO penalty. Below is our process for SEO link penalty removal

  • Extract the webmaster’s email address and contact them
  • Ask them to either remove or modify the link in question
  • Keep a track of the bad links for which the webmaster has taken the necessary action
  • For all the domains where we don’t receive a response from the webmasters, a disavow file is created in Google’s desired format and submitted across Google Webmaster Tools

Step 4. Reconsideration Request

Once the above process is complete, we create a reconsideration request that includes detailed description about the pruned and disavowed links. Google mostly responds within a couple of weeks for the reconsideration request. If we do not receive a response within this period, we repeat the process until your website is free from Google’s penalty.

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