SEO Audit Services

Blog-Strategy-Content-MarketingWe help you to

  • Improve your search engine visibility by isolating and fixing technical and content issues
  • Learn about your competitors SEO and online marketing efforts
  • Improve your SEO by augmenting it with social media optimization

You want more leads and sales through highly qualified traffic from search engines but your website does not rank well for your targeted terms. B2B as well as e-Commerce Websites of every size have technical and content problems that prevent them from receiving optimal search traffic.

If you’ve ever faced:

  • Low traffic even after investing thousands of dollars in link building
  • Cookie-cutter SEO audits which barely provide any value
  • Unreliable CMS platform

We know such problems all too well.

Ariad Partners has provided SEO audit services for more than 10 years. Our SEO audit services help you to diagnose issues preventing your website from ranking in search engines and detailed recommendations to fix them. Unlike many SEO audit service providers who provide generic reports that do not add any value, Ariad Partners provides highly customized SEO audit of your website prepared by a seasoned SEO professional.

Our SEO professional utilizes years of experience, sophisticated data analysis and powerful SEO tools to analyze your website. The outcome of this research is a comprehensive SEO audit report with prioritized recommendations to improve your website’s search visibility. The audit covers actionable steps for developers and content producers.

Once the SEO audit is complete, we walk you through it and address all your questions. Many organizations fail to implement the changes to their website due to other projects at hand. We want to make sure that you see successful results after implementing the changes highlighted in SEO audit. Therefore, we ask you for the plan of implementation to ensure good ROI. If your project managers and resources are too busy for the implementation, Ariad Partners SEO project manager can help you to make the changes to your website.

Custom Tailored SEO Audit Solutions

We understand that different businesses have different internet marketing needs, but the end-result must always be the same: i.e. a better ROI. Our extensive website SEO audits are the first step to a better internet marketing strategy. All our audits are customized to the requirements of the businesses and website and include assessment of many variables that work together to enhance the impact of an online marketing campaign.

Are SEO Audit Services right for you?

Our SEO Audit Services are for you if:

      • You need to increase traffic to your B2B or eCommerce website
      • You are don’t know how your website is performing or you know it’s not performing well but don’t know why
      • You’ve invested thousands of dollars in SEO, but you’re not seeing results
      • You want to grow but your current marketing efforts aren’t cutting it
      • You are or want to build a new website or redesign and old one, or you’re migrating from and old CMS to a new one

Benefits of SEO Audit

We provide step-by-step prioritized recommendations to help you focus your efforts on most important issues that need to be fixed first. The benefits of SEO audit include

  • Major technical issue fixes to improve your website’s visibility in search engines
  • Improved content targeting to get highly targeted traffic from search engines
  • Insights into competitor online marketing tactics
  • Targeted local online exposure
  • National online exposure
  • Improved branding and name recognition
  • Increase incoming leads
  • Great ROI that outperforms all other marketing activities

What’s included in the SEO Audit Services

We cover various technical and content issues to assess your website’s performance in search engines. We use custom crawl to collect data on every URL of your website and analyze each URL for technical issues and provide recommendations. A typical SEO audit includes


Can search engines access your website and understand everything. We cover issues related to

  • Robots.txt
  • XML Sitemap
  • Page load speed

URL Issues

URL’s of your website are assessed based on the following elements

  • Descriptiveness of URLs
  • Special characters in URLs
  • Extra directories
  • Duplication due to pagination
  • Sorting & parameter duplication
  • Capitalization in URLs
  • www/non-www URLs indexed in Google
  • Trailing Slash issues
  • On site 404 errors
  • Incorrect usage of 301 redirects

Semantic Tagging Issues

We review your website for semantic tagging issues. The elements include

  • Pages with high rank and low CTR
  • Title tag issues (missing, duplicate, and non-informative titles)
  • Meta description issues (short, duplicate, and missing meta descriptions)
  • Heading related issues (H1, H2, H3, and H4)

On Page Issues

This document covers on page issues that include

  • Internal linking issues related to Home page, primary navigation, related content and anchor text, footer links, breadcrumbs, nofollow/follow, and missed linking opportunities
  • On-site and offsite video optimization
  • Image optimization issues related to alt tags, image dimension, image file size, image file naming, CDN, and creative common licensing
  • Google news submission guidelines if you are a news website
  • Rich snippets
  • Regional and localization issues

Content Issues

This document covers content issues on your website which include

  • Content duplication issues
  • Search result pages
  • Tagging issues
  • User generated content

Competitive Analysis

Your competitors ranking high in search engines already use tactics which can be used to benefit your website. Learning about your competitors weaknesses will help you to position your product and even new product/service development. We will include

  • Link analysis of your competitors
  • On site content analysis
  • PPC analysis
  • Social media analysis
  • Tactics for outreach and promotion


A deeper look at Google Analytics can reveal in-depth information about your website’s performance. We will review your Google Analytics account and set it up to measure primary and secondary goals.

Ariad Partners has Helped Hundreds of Clients with SEO

Here are some examples of our projects:

Improving search engine traffic by 253% and search impressions by 1150%.  This client is a leading translation company for both B2B and B2C markets based in Chicago, Illinois.  Their traffic was low due to spam links built by competitors. With a dedicated team of inbound marketing experts including, an SEO expert, technology manager, and content writer, we assisted this client with:

  • Preventing negative SEO
  • Inbound marketing strategy
  • Inbound  marketing execution
  • Lead generation
  • Keyword research
  • Competitive research
  • Opportunity analysis
  • Website architecture development
  • Website design and technology development
  • Content strategy
  • Content creation
  • On page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Local SEO
BurgTranslations SEO Improvement Graph

Improving search traffic 80% and search impressions by 320%: This client delivers an Enterprise object storage solution, based on an open-source core. With a team of inbound marketing expert, SEO expert, and technology manager, we helped this client with:

  • Inbound marketing
  • Technical SEO
  • Lead generation
  • Keyword research
  • Competitive research
  • Opportunity analysis
  • Website architecture development
  • Website design and technology development
  • Content strategy
  • On page SEO
Improving search traffic for SwiftStack

Improving search traffic by 780% and search impressions by 1400%:  This client is a boutique e-commerce company that finds unique and high quality accessories for women to add color and style. With a team of inbound marketing expert, SEO expert, and technology manager, we helped them with

  • Keyword research
  • Competitive research
  • Opportunity analysis
  • Website architecture development
  • Website setup on Shopify
  • Content creation
  • On page SEO
  • Technical SEO
Improving search traffic for Lorraines4Women

Custom SEO Audit Packages

Ariad Partners also provides custom SEO audit packages based on specific needs of your business. Once we have a discussion regarding your needs during the sales consultation, we will customize the contract to fit your requirements.

We provide SEO audit services for specific problems including traffic drop and website migration.

Traffic Drop Analysis and SEO Fixes

Traffic across your website might drop due to many reasons

  • You’ve changed the web site architecture without following SEO best practices
  • Competitors have spammed your website with negative links
  • Panda update from Google has reduced your website traffic
  • You’ve followed bad link building techniques
  • You’ve thin content pages on the web site
  • You made the website live without sufficient testing for SEO

Google caches your website and ranks it based on its interpretation of your site. Adverse changes to your website due to internal and external factors can result in massive traffic drop. You might break search engine rules which can result in penalization of your website.

We’ve extensive knowledge of search engine updates and we help organizations to restore their lost traffic by diagnosing and fixing the SEO issues. We analyze the internal and external factors that resulted in the traffic drop and provide a step-by-step instruction to fix the SEO issues.

Website Migrations

Do you want to migrate your website from an old domain to new domain or change your website’s structure? Changes to website domain, architecture, and page elements can result in serious traffic drop if done incorrectly. We know these issues all too well. We design an approach to migrate your website while following search engine best practices. We’ve helped our clients to successfully preserve traffic during migrations. Contact us to know more.

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