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20 Ideas for Blog Posts

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Sometimes it can be tough to come up with new ideas for blog articles. Below are twenty ideas to help you brainstorm fresh topics.

1. Share or discuss the latest research or white papers (yours or industry related).

2. Post educational information or “how to” tips (general or product specific).

3. Discuss a problem in your industry.

4. Tell readers about your upcoming live or online events/webinars, either that you’re hosting or that you’ll be attending.

5. Comment on the latest news in your industry.

6. Reformat press releases into blog posts to highlight your latest news.

7. Profile a staff member. Share stories about their work and why they are involved with your company.

8. Interview leaders or colleagues in industry about a hot topic.

9. Guest blog posts from your partners and industry thought leaders.

10. Post case studies that highlight the value of your services.

11. Guest posts or video case studies from your customers.

12. Post photos from events you attend with short captions under them.

13. Share “how to” videos.

14. Report about an event or conference you are attending  –  blog live from the event.

15. Review a book, program or event your readers would be interested in.

16. Develop a resource list. If customers regularly ask you for information on a specific topic, you can help them by making it an online resource on your blog.

17. Do Top 10 lists for your industry – Top 10 best places to learn x, Top 10 industry experts on Twitter, etc.

18.Link to a post on another blog and tell readers why they should check it out.

19. If you’re active on Twitter, you can share your weekly “top tweets.” That way, readers who don’t use Twitter can keep up with our latest news, and readers who tweet will want to follow you.

20. Mention your other social networks. For example, highlight discussions you’re having on LinkedIn and encourage readers to join the conversation.