10 Step Guide to Accelerate your Lead Generation


Are you struggling with generating leads for your organization?

Wondering about how to get buy-in for your content marketing (and worried where all that content is going to come from)?

Or, maybe you’ve been on social media for a couple of years and don’t see any contribution to your lead generation?

Often, companies put one or two pieces of the puzzle in place, but not all of them. This leads to a lack of effectiveness that often has them dropping their efforts in frustration. This ten step guide will help you understand how all of the pieces fit to help you get your lead generation efforts on track in 2014.

You will learn:

  • The 10 steps you must take to generate leads and capitalize on them.
  • The difference between top of the funnel offers and middle of the funnel.
  • Why sales and marketing alignment is critical to your efforts (and how to end the fighting).
  • How to find out what your prospects really want and how they buy.

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