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3 Marketing Automation Strategies That Will Make You Look Smarter and Save You Time

It’s the buzzword heard around the industry: “Marketing Automation.” But what does it really mean for your business?

Marketing automation employs software to complete necessary marketing tasks. With the amount of technology available today more marketers are harnessing this convenience to automate marketing strategies – and they’re looking better in the process.

Here are three marketing automation strategies that you can swipe to make you look smarter and save yourself time.

  1. Market Research

One of the core elements to any strong marketing campaign is research. Before sending an email, Tweet, or text, you need to know that your message will be well-received. The components that go into that include:

  • How you distribute your message
  • How you phrase your message
  • The timing of your message
  • The call-to-action
  • How you follow through on your promises

Each of these core components requires solid market research to define them.

Marketing automation gives you better insight into how your customers respond to certain messages. To gauge response before starting your full blown campaign you can perform an A/B split test. This involves sending one message to one segment of your list and another message to another segment. After a set period of time you will find out what works and what falls flat. Once the software calculates which of your messages performed the best, it will automatically send your campaign to your entire audience. The end result is that you only send the majority of your audience the best campaign. No more guesswork required!

  1. Create a Personal Experience

Believe it or not, robots can make an experience with a brand feel a little bit more personal. They can also save you time in the process.

Create a personal experience using marketing automation software by anticipating your customer’s needs and delivering what they want faster. For example, if you want to use your website to generate more leads, you might consider offering a free ebook. When a prospect requests this ebook you use marketing automation software to send the document right away. Then, you can continue to nurture the lead over time by sending personalized follow up emails.

This experience can feel a little too robotic if not massaged into a more personal approach. Ask questions. Make it easy for your audience to reach a real human whenever they want by sending emails from a working email address. Use the personalization functionality in your marketing automation solution. The front end of the process is automated, saving you time so that you can focus on responding to specific requests on the back end.

  1. Always Keep the Conversation Going

You want to keep the conversation about your product front and center day in and day out but you’re not a machine. You cannot keep posting on social media or publishing new blog posts. Take a break by letting marketing automation do the posting and publishing for you.

Tools, such as Hootsuite and Hubspot make it easy to upload your content when it’s convenient for you and then schedule it when it’s most likely to resonate with your audience. Publish a blog post at 4 a.m. but have the Facebook post go live at noon, when you’ll get the most engagement.

You save time by managing everything at once. And you look better because you show up in the right place at the right time.

By harnessing the power of technology to build your brand’s reputation and distribute your marketing messages or campaigns, you save yourself time and put your best foot forward in front of the people you serve. It’s the most efficient way to build your business.

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