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With a 20 year track record of strategy, sales, marketing and product innovation behind her, CEO Brenda Stoltz can point to a lengthy list of companies for whom she has unleashed their true profit potential.

On the way to setting up Ariad, where she specializes in creating breakthrough growth strategies  for small to mid-market companies,  she’s helped industry leading blue chippers like PNC Bank, Peoplesoft and Oracle as well as successful pre-IPO start-ups such as Scientific Learning Corp. and

After leaving corporate life, Brenda Stoltz started consulting and noticed the struggle that many smaller organizations faced in defining and executing a successful business growth strategy.  She founded Ariad Partners to bring Fortune 100 talent and expertise to high-potential companies for a fraction of the cost.

As a consultant, Brenda realized that businesses often focus on one thing – sales, marketing, or product development – when they need a more holistic approach.  Developing and executing a great inbound marketing strategy means nothing if you don’t have the processes in place to identify your hottest prospects or if the sales team can’t clearly articulate the value and close the deal.  Having a high sales close rate is great, but if your client support is non-existent or your consulting team doesn’t get the training they need to grow their skill set, you’re building a wall that will eventually stop your growth.

This insight and her successful work with clients using this holistic approach led Brenda to develop a 7 step methodology that looks at an organization, evaluates the sales, marketing, talent, processes, financials, and technology, identifies areas that can be leveraged to create growth, and helps implement the changes needed to create massive results for CEOs, their executives and their teams.

In 2009, Brenda met Joe Abraham, founder and CEO of The BOSI Institute. At that time, Joe was in the middle of an extraordinary study of over 3,000 entrepreneurs that produced game-changing research that revealed four distinct Entrepreneurial DNA types. In 2011, Brenda became a Certified BOSI consultant and added the insights of Entrepreneurial DNA to help her client’s align and grow their businesses.

By aligning the dominant Entrepreneurial DNA (e-DNA) of a CEO or Executive to their people, plans and processes, Brenda is able to create high-impact growth results in the shortest amount of time. Brenda teaches business leaders how to leverage the traits of their unique e-DNA to improve their team’s productivity and their company’s top line results and profitability.

As an educator, Brenda shares her business savvy locally teaching classes in Marketing, Social Media, and Business classes at Northern Virginia Community College.

Brenda lives with her husband and their two beautiful daughters in their Northern Virginia home.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can align your business for breakthrough growth,  contact Brenda Stoltz today.

About the Ariad Name

Ariad is a play on the name of a Princess Ariadne of Greek mythology who gave Theseus the tools he needed to find his way through the Minotaur’s Labyrinth. Likewise, Ariad Partners was founded to provide the tools you’ll need to lead your business through the maze of the modern business environment.