Time Management for Effective Leaders

Time Management for Effective Leaders

Time Management – Getting a Handle on It Benjamin Franklin famously said (or at least is famously said to have said), “A place for everything, everything in its place.” Often, our busy moms and grandmothers quoted us this maxim in an effort to get us to clean our rooms. However, the saying applies to the […]


Feedback: 4 Tips to Turn Criticisms into Collaborations

Constructive Criticism for Business Leaders Constructive criticism focuses on what people have done and can do, rather than targeting their character or personality. If people believe their failures result from personal, unchangeable deficits, they lose hope and stop trying. Let them know that setbacks and mistakes result from circumstances they can change. It’s not easy […]


Strategy vs. Tactic: Important Differences

I think everything we do in business needs to have a strategy behind it. I notice sometimes people struggle with the difference between strategy and tactic. “Our strategy is to build up an email list through social media and webinars, then drive people to our webpages for web sales.” Those are all tactics, not strategies. […]


Email Etiquette: Do We Need a Few Rules?

Email Etiquette: 5 Tips To Stop Email Overload Information overload is an understatement. I hear complaints every day from clients: people are drowning in email. I’m wondering if there’s any sort of email etiquette for offices to follow. I read somewhere a statistic that the average 17th century Frenchman had as much information stored in […]

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How Is a Rock Star Like a Business Entrepreneur?

It’s funny how you can pick up lessons on leadership and entrepreneurs from all sorts of people, isn’t it? Leadership expert Steve Farber (@stevefarber) sent me this YouTube video of Jay Jay French, founder of the band Twisted Sister. This so-called “glam metal” band started in New Jersey in 1972 and is still performing. Now, […]

Business Growth Perfection BS

Business Growth: Progress not Perfection

Business Growth – Don’t let perfect be the enemy of progress. I like this saying. It’s actually a distortion of Voltaire, who once said, “The best is the enemy of the good.” Do not approach your business growth with the idea of perfection. It’s something that I think every business leader needs to keep in mind. Often, […]

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7 Tools to Improve Team Productivity

Everyone wants their team to be more productive, but even the best-read project manager is doomed to fail without the proper tools. Here are seven tools that help teams collaborate, share and get the job done. Most are free, or come with a free trial or a low fee. 1. Google Docs If you’re fed […]


Leading People: When Success Breeds Mediocrity

When it comes to leading people, I am disturbed by complacency. And mediocrity. I don’t know why it surprises me, because it’s so common in business organizations, but it does. What disturbs me most is when complacency comes disguised as success. Here’s what I hear: some business leaders are telling me their business is actually […]

Tips to Avoid Business Decision Errors

Business owners and executives make decision errors when they get so entrenched in their own point of view they don’t see other possibilities. Bounded awareness is the term for this, and it’s more common than we think. It occurs when cognitive blinders prevent a person from seeing, seeking, using, or sharing relevant and accessible information […]