2017 is Coming Soon - 3 Steps to Rock Your Annual Sales Plan

2017 is Coming Soon – 3 Steps to Rock Your Annual Sales Plan

As we move forward into 2017, it’s the ideal time for your brand to consider its sales strategy for the coming year. The process provides the opportunity to learn more about your market, your brand and the opportunities available as you grow in the industry. To help provide a foundation to the strategy creation and implementation process, this post will highlight three steps for an effective sales plan in 2017.

1 – Learn More About Your Customers

The first step to a successful sales strategy in 2017 is to learn more about your customers: who are they and what are their objectives in the coming months? It’s the ideal time to prioritize and segment your existing customers to extract full value from your sales campaigns. Try first to segment your existing customers by market sector and determine whether they align with your brand direction. Then determine what value customers give to the service you’re providing. Finally, before you implement a sales plan, try to determine the growth in real and potential terms for each market sector. This will help in choosing which customers to prioritize moving forward.

2 – Analyze the Competition

A critical step in building a versatile sales plan for 2017 is to analyze your competitors. Without a clear direction in your sales strategy, the only way customers will be able to differentiate between brands is price. And so try to learn more about your competition. Look at their strengths and weaknesses and how these elements can be capitalized upon in your sales campaigns. Before you draft a sales plan, you should also have a clear understanding of your company’s value proposition. You can always ask your current customers to get a clear sense on what distinguishes your brand from others.

3 – Build a System to Inventory and Analyze Results

Once you have a strategy in place for your successful sales campaigns, building a system for sales analysis is the next key step. Integrate your marketing programs and the results from these programs in this process. And ensure you have a full system for measuring your website’s performance ready for 2017. There are numerous advantages to implementing this level of analysis now, as it ensures you’re ready to react to any actionable data your team receives as your campaigns move forward. It’s a process that keeps your team agile and ready to improve upon results as 2017 takes shape.


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