How Entrepreneurial DNA Works

How it Works

Once you understand your own primary Entrepreneurial DNA make up, you are closer to developing a new level of clarity of yourself, the people around you and the decisions you make about your business and personal life. Some of the blinders have been removed.

Each of us is wired with a certain set of entrepreneurial behaviors and predisposed tendencies.  Others are wired with a totally different set of behaviors and tendencies.

What would be a best practice for some, would simply not work for others.

Which is why CEOs and executives are mystified when they employ strategies and tactics that have produced successful results for others and find themselves struggling.

With a clear understanding of your Entrepreneurial DNA, every decision you make in your business will be filtered through your Entrepreneurial DNA lens.

Since you are aware of your predisposed tendencies, you will always be checking yourself to evaluate whether you are acting out of strength or weakness.

But here’s the tricky part.

Knowing your pre-dominant Entrepreneurial DNA is only the first  piece of the puzzle. You now have what you need to determine the best type of business you should run, the best way to structure that business and who to have on your team, among other things.

You also need to be aware of the secondary Entrepreneurial DNA traits you possess and how they can impact your decision making.

As a BOSI-Certified Partner, Ariad Partners is qualified to help you identify both your primary and secondary Entrepreneurial DNA and show you how to harmonize the two so that you can maximize your effectiveness.

So, what kind of entrepreneur are you?

Take the free BOSI Assessment to discover which of the four Entrepreneurial DNAs (Builder, Opportunist, Specialist and Innovator) are present in you. It takes less than five minutes to complete. You’ll receive your BOSI Profile Report instantly along with insights into your strengths, weaknesses and best practices to increase the chance of your success given your specific entrepreneurial DNA type.

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