June R. JewellBrenda provides invaluable guidance and support …. Her advice has been instrumental in transitioning our company from having a solely traditional marketing plan into one that incorporates social media and inbound marketing strategies. We have converted our website to a lead generation channel, implemented a lead management process and increased our inbound leads by 300%. With Brenda’s help we are also beginning to nurture leads to capture additional revenue that would have otherwise been lost. After 20 years of building a successful business, I thought I had seen it all, particularly in marketing, but Brenda has shown me that there is always more to learn and strive for. I fully endorse Brenda and Ariad Partners as consultants who function as members of our team (not above or outside us), understand our challenges, and work with us to find the best solution. — June R. Jewell, CPA, President, Acuity Business Solutions

In the two years I’ve worked with Brenda she has been instrumental in helping me leverage my management and technology experience and realize my vision of building a successful full service commercial writing practice. Brenda is a good listener and superb communicator. Brenda’s industry knowledge is deep and her advice is invaluable. I look forward to my continuing engagement with Brenda. — Pranav Lav, Entrepreneur

Ariad Partners functions like a part of our team. When we need to work through a crisis, seek new opportunities or manage our growth, Brenda’s the first one I call. By partnering with Ariad Partners we gained a collaborative, practical ally that provides focus and strategic insight allowing us to quickly respond and move forward with confidence. Brenda is a great extension to our team and the perfect sounding board for the entrepreneur — Joe Wilson, President & CEO, Wilson Ecological Consulting

Photo of Dave Truitt, PresidentOur entire senior management team has been extremely impressed with the quality and integrity of Brenda’s work. Her expertise is real and unlike most, she gets her hands dirty and delivers a measurable impact! — Dave Truitt, President & CEO, Discover Technologies

Mikah SellersBrenda is a rare commodity. She is a skilled marketer and brilliant strategist with a terrific resume chock-full of relevant experience. I have had the privilege of working with her on several projects over the past few years and have found her to be collaborative, open to new ideas, and exceptionally intelligent. I look forward to future collaborations and highly recommend her. — Mikah Sellers, Cofounder & Chief Revenue Officer, Vendor Centric

After working with Brenda, I can honestly state that I have not worked with anyone that is more suited for managing a product development team. She is very driven, well organized and very detail oriented. Her understanding of processes, setting expectiations, understanding objectives and then managing them to their conclusion shows the depth of her understanding and commitment to her work. — Dave Tindell, VP Solutions Development & Pre-Sales, MicroLink, LLC

I benefited from Brenda’s unique combination of an overview of the scope and limitations of social network marketing, with a detailed understanding of the logistics involved. She was able to convey quickly the advantages to be gained for a low cost in marketing dollars, while remaining pragmatic in her reminders of the need for diligent attention. — Tom Kaplan, President & Owner, Ridgefields Brands Corp

Sheryl SimeckBrenda Stoltz conducted a two-day social media workshop for our marketing team to help us gain knowledge of the social media outlets, their function and how they might best work for marketing our shopping centers. She helped our team discover new ways to reach our customers and helped instigate brainstorming sessions, which really infused our team with excitement about new opportunities and ideas. Several of our team members had no background in social media, and the workshop really helped them understand how Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other outlets could help our marketing efforts. Brenda left us with lots of material to refer to and many suggestions for additional support and — Sheryl Simeck, Vice President Marketing, The Rappaport Companies

Brenda was our partner for providing a Social Media Webinar session focused on Linkedin for businesses. Her presentation was extremely informative, providing specific tips and tactics businesses can use to build their company presence, and use LinkedIn to engage consumers and reach new customers. Sharing her extensive knowledge and experience, Brenda showed how to make LinkedIn an intregral part of a company’s online strategy. — David Day, Executive Editor & Director of Product Development, Thinking Bigger Business Media, Inc.

I had the pleasure of experiencing one of Brenda’s consulting presentations on “Company LinkedIn Pages”. She did a great job in expaining how to build a LinkedIn page that works to drive business and opportunities. Her presentation was very informative and would recommend her webinars to everyone. She also went the extra mile regarding a very difficult question I had. Brenda helped me get my issue resolved in a timely manner. Thanks Brenda for your knowledge and expertise!!!” — Andy Duewel, Marketing Coordinator, FishNet Security

I LOVE your classes. You’re incredibly knowledgable but also engaging.” — Diane Sinclaire, Owner, BlackCannon Accounting

Brenda is a fantastic instructor. Her approach and delivery of the course material incorporates practical usage. I would highly recommend her classes to anyone interested. Good job, Brenda! You rock!! — Sharon James, Small Business Owner

This class was exceptional – The content, organization and presentation was top notch. For such a cutting edge topic, I was surprised by what Brenda had to offer. The resources provided were helpful and I appreciate the willingness of the instructor to share tools and resources beyond the class. — Silvana Mehner, Northern VA Community College 

“I had the pleasure of having Brenda as my teacher for a Marketing Class and her personable style and extensive knowledge of the subject matter made the class a breeze. Not only is she a fantastic teacher but she is extremely enthusiastic. I wouldn’t hesitate taking another class with her or have her set up a marketing campaign for my company. — B. R. Cohen, Founder & CEO, ArtNectar.com

I had the opportunity to attend a webinar that was conducted by Brenda on the effective use of LinkedIn for small businesses. Brenda was awesome in her advice and helped me rethink my approach and how to use LinkedIn to develop my business. Brenda also provided information on how to connect Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in creating a business presence. Brenda’s advice was exceptional and hope to work with her in the future. She is a valuable consultant in directing clients in the right direction! Thank you Brenda! Your advice has been extremely helpful and hope to work with you in the future! — Tim Adams, Founder & Chief Evangelist, inMind LLC

Ms. Stoltz has a tremendous grasp of the correct use of these tools, alerting the audience to the real hazards as well as the many benefits of these new technologies. I highly recommend Ms. Stoltz as a speaker. — Mark Pavick, EFA, Washington, D.C.

Excellent instructor! I really enjoyed the class!”

“Wonderful, effective, hardworking course full of insights and good reference material! Great job, Brenda!”

“Brenda is a fantastic instructor. Her approach and delivery of the course material incorporates practical usage. I would highly recommend her classes to anyone interested. Good job, Brenda! You rock!!”

“Very useful and easy to understand information.”

“This class was fantastic! I would recommend it to anyone.”

“Brenda is exceptionally good at clarifying confusing concepts for us, using real world examples and keeping class tempo lively. She was very entertaining!”

“Loved it!”

“Brenda is energetic and informative and made me think outside the box. I left the course with direction and contacts. I will be back again for more!”

“Very helpful and highly skilled.”

“Excellent job of engaging us and presenting the information and guiding us through what could have been a difficult process.”

“Excellent! It was exactly what I wanted!”

“Down to earth, honest and sincere. She jazzed the class and made each of us feel empowered to make a change.”

Having worked with thousands of corporate consultants, I found Brenda to be a real breath of fresh air! Her passion to truly serve her clients came through in every aspect of my interaction with her. It is the ethos of her brand. In this day and age when anyone with a website and fancy business card calls themselves an “expert,” Brenda is the real deal. She is a true expert in her field with industry leading knowledge and capability.

If you are looking for a three-ring-binder full of ideas you never will implement, don’t call Brenda. There are a hundred other so-called “consultants” who would love your business. However, if you want high-impact, revenue generating results for your technology product and you can’t afford to kiss another frog – she is the only game in town.
— Joe Abraham, Founder & Managing Partner, BOSI Performance Institute

Brenda is a very effective leader and product manager. Brenda always kept the team informed on important strategic decisions and we all worked together to that end. I appreciated Brenda’s positive attitude, professionalism, skill of communicating and humility. — Rita Seaton, Technical Publications, MicroLink, LLC